Website Analytics & Reporting

Leverage The Power Of Website Analytics

Strong Website Analytics and Reporting Allows Informed Marketing Decisions

Website analytics – often provided through Google Analytics – is an important part of any marketing strategy. It gives us extremely valuable feedback such as where visitors came from, where they went on the website, how long they were there, where they clicked, where they are geographically located, and ultimately if they turned into a lead or customer.

Every website should be designed with specific objectives to align with your business goals. For some business owners getting phone calls is their priority. Others prefer to have a product purchased through their ecommerce website and do not want calls at all. Knowing what triggered the visitors to reach these objectives is crucial to understand your target market.

This information can then be applied to your marketing strategy to make informed decisions about where you marketing budget goes.

Great Consultants Analyze Website Data Effectively For Your Business

Almost everything can be measured online which quickly turns into a problem as the information is simply overwhelming if you do not know what reports and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) you are looking for. We make it simple and review the KPI’s with you and reframing to what it means for your business. We can even automate the reporting so you get a weekly, monthly, or quarterly report in your email with just the information you’re looking for.

While there are certainly similar KPI’s across all businesses depending on how your business operates and how you want the website to fit into that could change what statistics are important. Deciding what to measure and how is often a challenge. We are here to help you through the process and provide you a solution that fits your budget and business goals. Once those objectives have been identified we can set up your website tracking to show when a visitor reaches one of those objectives.

Tracking and Reporting Solutions For Your Business

You spend a lot of money and time increasing the visibility of your business. Many business owners know how much they spent but lack specifics for what that advertising dollar earned to their bottom line. Let Achieve DMA work with you to create a funnel and report to provide invaluable insight into your business.

Measuring Website Interactions Helps You Understand Your Customers

You can learn a great deal about your customers by how they interact with your website. This is only possible through proper website tracking setup that includes goals tracking. If you need help setting up your goal tracking or website analytics please don’t hesitate to call us.

Once you have identified objectives and put tracking in place it’s time to look at an analyze the data.

Where Did The Visitor Come From?

Website tracking and analytics lets you see where your visitors are coming from whether it’s pay per click, organic search engine optimization, referred from another website, a specific campaign you’ve put together, or if they are directly visiting as a result of your offline marketing efforts.

What Page Did They Land On?

Knowing what page a visitor entered your website on is crucial to knowing what marketing activities have been driving website visits. If we know that most of the traffic comes from a search engine optimized landing page, we know that investing in that activity is worthwhile and has shown returns.

How Long Did They Stay?

How long a visitor stays on your website is a strong metric of how invested they are in reading the information, or  browsing products you have available. The longer the time on site, the more invested the visitor is and the more likely they are to turn into a conversion.

What Page Did They Leave From?

Just as important as where the visitor came into the website is what page they were on last before leaving. Was it the same page that they landed on? This could be bad and is known as a bounce since they ‘bounced’ off of your website without exploring further.

Did They Convert?

Tracking where visitors came from and their activity before they convert is key to evaluating the effectiveness of a campaign. Generally the more conversions you have the better, but it’s extremely important to understand how conversions play into your business.

In our above example where the visitor bounced – it could be a positive and expected behavior. Many local businesses are looking to increase phone calls. If a visitor lands on a website, calls the business, and then leaves it still counts as a bounce, however we have a conversion which is a measure of success.

The goal tracking is what makes this possible and allows you to see whether your leads are coming from pay per click, organic search engine optimization, referred from another website, or if they are directly visiting as a result of your offline marketing efforts.

These are just some of the important questions that you should be asking about your website and finding through your website analytics and reporting. You can see that it can be simple, or quite complex depending on your business goals. Let us guide you through the setup and educate you on how to read the reports so you can be empowered to make informed decisions about your business.

Keep An Eye On Competition

Website analytics and tracking is more than just your website. Our internet marketing consultants have access to tools that allow us to see how much market share you and your competitors get in your industry. This competitive data can provide an apples to apples comparison between you and your online competition. This can be powerful information for deciding a new marketing strategy, or to specifically target a competitors customers.

Understanding your visitors behavior allows you to identify and eliminate obstacles and grow the number of conversions you’re able to capture with your website. This results in an improved user experience and more profit to your bottom line as you’re able to capture more customers.

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