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Landing Pages Are Crucial to Successful Marketing

Using Landing Pages to Capitalize On Advertising and Marketing Spend

Landing pages are used in marketing to specifically address the needs of the visitor and are most effective when they work with the ad that created the traffic. For example, if you have an advertisement for a special, you want the first page a visitor to land on to be about that special and product or service being featured. However many times we see businesses advertise a specific service, but dump their visitors off at the home page. This behavior greatly decreases the conversion rate when compared to using a landing page that speaks to the specific needs and wants of the customer and correlates with the ad they clicked on. If you click on an ad that talks about cheap lawn mowers, you expect to see a web page about cheap lawn mowers. If you ‘land’ on a page that talks about how great the brand is, you are likely to leave.

Technically a landing page is any web page that is the first time a visitor comes to your website. This is often the home page, but could be a sale page, a location page, or even an article page. It really depends on how the visitor is driven to your website.

Convert Your Visitors

Landing Pages For Paid Advertising

Many landing pages are created for specific campaigns and purposes. Paid advertising works best when you have a specific page to address the service or product you are advertising. It allows you to control the message and customer journey more closely than simply directing traffic to your home page. This is especially important for paid advertising as it is expensive and you want to be able to make the most out of every penny spent. By tying your offer in the ad with the content and offer on the landing page you maximize your chances for conversion. With proper tracking you can even see exactly how much money and how many clicks it took to get a lead.

Landing pages are not used strictly for online campaigns. Many traditional campaigns like direct mail are made better by including an outstanding landing page that expands the message on the marketing piece.

Being able to convert a visitor into a lead is what makes or breaks marketing campaigns and entire industries. Don’t waste money on landing pages that convert poorly and do not contribute to your bottom line. Work with Achieve DMA to create a compelling offer and landing page that brings you leads and new business.

What Makes A Great Landing Page?

Convert More Visitors With A Well Designed and Executed Landing Page

Landing pages are the first interaction your visitors have with your company after clicking an ad or search result. If you’re not capitalizing on their attention you are missing out on business. Ad campaigns are money wasted if sent to pages not designed to convert.

Trust the consultants at Achieve DMA – we have the experience and ingenuity to create a powerful landing page that converts your visitors and makes the most of your ad spend. We will even build you SEO landing pages that earn additional clicks to your website via organic search results.

Own The Local Area

Landing Pages For Search Engine Optimization

Not all landing pages are created to capitalize on paid search advertising. Some landing pages are created to not just convert visitors into leads, but they also rank high on search engines for a particular service or product. This is especially effective in local search engine optimization where a business needs to rank high on search engines for multiple communities in an area. These SEO landing pages are optimized to rank for key terms, and they convert these visitors into leads so your sales team can close new business. Our consultants consistently find that SEO landing pages bring visitors to websites that normally would have gone to the competition. They are such a vital piece to any marketing campaign that without them you are certain to be left in the dust.

If you’re looking to branch your business out to a new community, or you have a new service or product that you’re bringing to market, having a compelling and polished landing page will bring consistent success to all of your marketing campaigns. Contact one of our consultants today to see if your campaigns could benefit from landing page optimization.