Our Approach

The Transition to Internet Marketing Continues–Don’t Be Left Behind

Recently, a Harris Interactive poll found that 80% of the U.S. adult population, 184 million people, are now spending an average of 13 hours per week on the Internet—doubling since 1999.

As the population continues to transition to using the Internet for business, purchases, finding information, and myriad other personal uses, it is clear that traditional marketing methods are no longer the go-to approach to achieving your business objectives.

In fact, with the continued explosion of Social Media the fundamental role of business marketing itself is shifting, from “advertising” to “engaging”.  One measure of this is–recent studies show that 78 percent of customers value recommendations from their peers, while only 14 percent trust traditional advertisements.

So how does a small or medium-sized business succeed in such a rapidly changing, and diverse environment?  By understanding their target market– how they look for goods, services, and information– and leveraging the right combination of internet marketing tools and techniques to reach them online.

The Key to Internet Marketing Success

The key to success is taking a comprehensive and holistic approach to your internet marketing strategy.  A holistic approach treats marketing as a single integrated strategy and approach, rather than a list of stand-alone marketing initiatives.  While you can certainly gain significant benefits form executing standalone marketing initiatives, the synergistic benefits of imlementing an integrated strategy are well worth the effort.

Your marketing strategy is influenced by a variety of factors, and will be unique to your company.  Even so, there are a number of core internet marketing techniques that you should consider when developing your go-to-market strategy:

So how do learn about these various Intenet Marketing techniques and use them to help you achieve your business objectives?  You need to choose a reliable Internet Solution provider that can be your strategic partner throughout the process. Look for a company with experience, proven processes, the right resources and a willingness to take the time to understand your business.

We bring to bear the right combination of skills, experience, knowledge, and passion to be that strategic partner.  Please contact WSI MarketBuilders to get started today.

Our Process Ensures Measurable Results

While every business has unique needs, we utilize a standard, repeatable process that we tailor to each client at the beginning of the process.  The process we typically follow with our new clients includes:

Phone Conversation:  When appropriate, we start with a phone call to introduce ourselves and find out some basic information, such as  an overview of your business, what aspects of Internet Marketing do you currently utilize, and where you’d like to be. We can even share some initial thoughts and ideas on potential options.

First Meeting: We’ll bring some initial research to the first meeting, and we’ll continue our fact-finding to ensure we understand your market, customers, the competitive environment, your budget and your initial goals. If we had previosuly had a phone conversation, we’ll be prepared to provide some detailed options, if not, then some preliminary options. At the end of the meeting, we’ll decide whether it makes sense to proceed further.

Recommendations & Proposal: after we’ve done done our discovery, analyzed your business, and other key influencing factors, we will provide a specific set of recommendations, measurable key performance indicators (KPIs), and cost estimates that will enable you to  achieve your objectives.  Ongoing Follow-Up: we’ll continue to talk and meet as necessary to build success for your solutions. We’ll measure progress and identify needed adjustments to strategy or new opportunities.

Project Planning and Initiation:  If you decide to proceed, we will develop a detailed project plan and get your signoff to begin execute the project.  We will have regular updates over the life of the project to ensure you are in the loop from beginning to end.

Please call today to set up an initial no-cost consultation at (916) 933-7414 or by email at Lou@wsiMarketBuilders.com